You are not alone when you are faced with a material challenge.

The New Jersey Library Association and Intellectual Freedom Subcommittee are available to assist library staff and board members in responding to challenges to library materials. Legal assistance and knowledgeable librarian peers can help you navigate the professional and personal issues that you may be experiencing. We are here to help. Even if you don't want or need our assistance, we also appreciate knowing about challenges across the state so that we can be prepared if we are contacted about a challenge. NJLA has created this online reporting tool to allow you to report challenges to us. All reports of challenged materials to NJLA are strictly confidential. Unless you ask for our assistance in dealing with a challenge, we will only use the information in your report to stay aware of current challenges and to provide an aggregate report of challenges annually to the NJLA Board and ALA OIF.


Fill out the Materials Challenge Report Form

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